Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I think I just might cry!

I am trying SOOOOO hard to win the scrapbook desk from The Original Scrap Box! This is such a FABULOUS company with so many things to offer! Please take a minute and enjoy all their products from the ScrapMaBob to the WorkBox! Stay tuned for a GIVEAWAY in honor of this great company!

Down to Business! I have had so many wonderful people help me! Everytime I think I have done good, I haven't done good enough. Wednesday, I was in 1st place with 3978 points and now I am down 1139 points. The top 3 winners get the WONDERFUL EZ View Scrap Desk! I just want to be in the top 3!

This desk would give me a space of my own not taken over by toys and paint ball crap. (Sorry Jeremy, I love you!) It's bad enough I share my closet with my Aubrey but I have to keep my scrapbook things in a rolling tote that is jam packed and is to heavy to even roll!! Having this desk would make my life so much easier.

I am begging you bloggers and scrapbooker out there....if you can post a blog about The Original Scrap Box (with photo), I would be forever grateful!