Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bedroom Dilemma #1

Aubrey is my BIG GIRL now and has been sleeping in her "crib-turned-daybed" for 4 nights now!! I never thought those days would come because she hates going to sleep! I was very eager to get her to start sleeping in a normal bed so I have yet to bring my old bed home from my parents house.

When I do...I have no idea how I will arrange Aubrey's room. It went from a cute little nursery...

to Toys R Us in my house...
Aubrey's new bed is a Captains bed (one of those bookcase beds with 3 drawers in the bed). So, I'm thinking that I am going to have to get rid of the armoire. In my house I have no closet space! If I get rid of that...she'll be moving into my closet space. (Jeremy has the closet in our bedroom!)

I have no idea what to do.... Yes I do! Get rid of the million toys she has that she doesn't play with and buy a bigger house!

I'll post the results when I come up with something! In the meantime, does anyone need any toys?