Thursday, December 25, 2008

Aubrey's Third Christmas

Dear Aubrey,

Daddy and I had to wake you up this Christmas morning to open slept until almost 10am! Since we had to wake you up, you were a tad grumpy and you weren't really interested in opening any presents. These are the only pictures I took of you all day!

Merry Christmas Princess! I hope you enjoy your presents!

Love you, Mommy.

Aubrey opening Cootie game

Aubrey and her Play-Doh Ice Cream Shop

Spoiled little girl!

Aubrey's Presents Galore! ~Cootie, Elefun, Candy Land, Ants in the Pants, Paint box, blocks, Play-Doh Fun Factory, Play-doh Caddy, Play-Doh Ice Cream Shop, Memory, Medical Kit, Moon Sand, Ciderella dress & Jewelry, Doll House, clothes and clothes! Aubrey even got her own loofa!