Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Getting Back on Track

I told all of you out there that I am suppose to weigh 100 pounds... See for yourself!

Flash back to last year this time...

I had 170 pounds on this little 4' 10" frame. My husband, Jeremy, made me realize (and not in a very nice way AT ALL) that I needed to lose this weight and I was ready by any means possible! Although I was VERY hurt by the way he had told me and everything that went down with it, I am very very thankful to Jeremy. I just wanted him to love me and be happy with me the way he used to, when he met me and when he married me, when I was 95 pounds. My daughter, Aubrey, was 9 months old and I was heavier than when I was actually pregnant with her.


I have lost 40 pounds! Don't ask me how because I really don't know how. I started working out but not religiously, I tried eating right but mainly I didn't eat. I know that my weight loss is good but it isn't good enough for me. My goal was to be down to 100 pounds by the beginning of this summer...it obviously didn't happen.

Future me...

I want to get back on track and lose that last 30 pounds before the end of this year. I want Jeremy to find me sexy and adorable again. I WANT to be sexy and adorable again. I think I can do it! I hope to have the support of the one who will help me the most with his encouragement and his 'GOOD' comments - Jeremy! Secondly, I hope to have the encouragement from all my friends out there!
For those that care...I want to start a separate blog so that I can keep track of my goals and achievements. It will be listed under my fav sites once I get it going.